Sunday, November 20, 2011

Utopian dystopia

This fucking world pisses me off so badly that I just want to sneak out at night and start ripping up any unsuspecting people I find with various machinery.

Nearly everything humans do is WRONG. From the global level down to local, everything these fucking idiots do is harmful. They hurt themselves, their families, their friends, society, and humanity through their mindless toilings during their meaningless lives.

We are not progressing towards utopia. We are already living in a hellish world, propogating our stupidity and perpetually raising the bar of human suffering to exponential heights. We are spiraling downward further still.

Instead of trudging along in a barbaric world of massive oil rapeage, performing our stupid traditions, mentally devoid, performing all the daily tasks that make our lives, we should be doing something important. Something good.

Utopia exists. It is a world in my mind, and I have learned much of this realm by the omnipresence of a very opposite world; Earth. Opposites create one another.

Perhaps the most surprising thing I've learned is that we can be a world with high technology and old-time ideals and values of respecting all forms of life, the land, the air, and the water.

We can do it all without government. We did, for thousands of years before history came along. The reason why this system failed is because utopia is realized only the second time around. Tribes and groups began to encounter one another. Lack of centralization or higher authorities caused chaos and death. Isolated tribes fell out of the industrial revolution loop, and "fell behind."

This is where we all began to fall behind. Misguided by illusions created by the art of industry and the almighty dollar.

Some of us are awake now. I see utopia in my mind, therefore it is real. I have no optimism for you fucking sheep, but I hold on to all that I have.

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