Saturday, November 26, 2011

Girls, phones, and pedophiles

To the girls

Yes, keep looking at your phone. Don't look at me. Very good... keep walking and pay no attention to the drooling pedophile that is eye-raping regions of your body that you have not even explored yet.

Their heads buried in their phones, they wander aimlessly around the mall, the supermarket, and all the local spots. Completely lost in a reality far removed from the only real one. The one with real pedophiles, who pose a real danger, who stalk and plot in real-time, just feet away from you. No, you will not know one when you see one. And how can you, if you never bother to look?

To the pedophiles

Ignore the ones with their phones safely stowed, as per unwritten instruction, in their tightjeans back pocket. Focus on the ones mashing tiny thumb buttons, lost in their fashion magazine alternate reality. They stray easily. They're slow, disoriented, and disconnected. Easy prey.

I'm definitely not a pedophile. I sincerely apologize to anyone who may have been misled, but I'm making an entirely different point.

About the phones

Pay attention to your surroundings.

Lost as you may be in your happy fun teenaged world of internet phone godlikeness, your physical life and physical body exist in a world that is very much like the hell you think of in your fantasy internet delusion.

Be aware of people who will exploit all of your weaknesses and at least, take advantage of you. At worst, they'll kill you. Maybe after more torment, agony, and breakdown than you have ever known.

Pop your fucking head up and figure out what the fuck you're doing, because from what I've seen, I'm only surprised there aren't more teenagers raped and killed. I said raped and killed, and I fucking meant it.

Think of me as Cecil in Final Fantasy IV. I am one born of the dragon, bearing the darkness and light. I choose good. I know bad. I fly through the Internet, armed with the truth. Wake the fuck up and save yourself.


Anonymous said...

interesting post, but kind of scary. i think you should of gone about it in a different way.


Guruchild said...

No, what's scary is how fucking stupid people are.

Stupid fucking disposable meaningless shitheads like you.

I may be one hell of an egotistical asshole, but I also happen to be right.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the girls who come into a store and fuck around with everything in there, completely oblivious to all the employees and other customers. Then, like geniuses, they split up and one gets a soda.

Guruchild said...

That's quite disturbing... for them. I'm on your side, thanks for humoring this old young man with a response to a very serious article.