Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Religious bullshit

I rely on my brain to create my world. This remarkable organ collapses the chaotic universe within my existence into models and symbols that make sense to me. Through my studies in art, I have learned that the brain is always right. It tells me when something is wrong, false, or imperfect. Through my decades of rumination, I have come to understand certain undeniable truths.

There is no singular, absolute universe. Consciousness is the creation of a single universe, by a single being, within the sea of entwined universes. This is the collective conscious experience of all sentient beings. Humans are not the only beings capable of this feat as several animal species, such as chimpanzees, dolphins, elephants, and crows are indeed sentient. Such beings, and possibly many others, have brains which are complex enough to reach a theoretical threshold for collapsing the ambient multiverse of existence into a unique personal instance; the conscious.

In similar manner, sentient brains create God. This maligned concept is the source of all human love and hate. God is not singular. It is created by all who conceptualize its existence within their own tangle of the overall entwinement. God is pure love because it is not only incapable of hate, but absolutely immune to it. Anyone who claims anything against this revelation of truth is wrong. No belief or religious concept can defeat this truth. You will know this for yourself if you've discovered it within yourself, as I have for myself.

Humans create hatred, evil, misunderstanding, and all sources of a hell that, much like God, have been largely maligned by sentient minds. No God of pure love would create eternal punishment for those who did not discover the truth about love during their lifetime because death is the eternal heaven of pure bliss. Many scores of beings have sought to achieve a lasting bliss in life on earth. Sadly, this impossible objective can only be achieved in the bliss that is death.

Think about it...

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