Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Getting trolled by big corporations

Time is money.

This fact is proven and inarguable.

The coupons you waste time clipping, filing, organizing, saving, and using. You're being trolled, because if you used that time more effectively, you'd save more money.

Go ahead, do the math.

I know you fucking idiots love math because you carry calculators. It also tells me you waste time reading stupid shit that is mostly filled with ads anyway. Paying more for less time is always a bargain. Paying full price in 5 minutes usually beats paying a discounted price for 5 hours of work. If you weren't on welfare, and had to actually spend less than 100% of your time being off work, you might learn that.

Those guarantees on the back of all the stupid, cheap, low-cost items you buy?

They're worse than worthless.

Just because you want to be a stubborn cunt and return a 99 cent bag of chips because YOU believe they were "stale" after you opened them on March 1st and just now got around to eating the rest of them. Guess what, moron? All that time you wasted getting trolled by a stupid fucking trollbait company's worthless guarantee to return some piece of shit item and piss off some poor customer service rep? You're the one losing money.

Those people get paid to put up with your stupid idiotic bullshit.

Again, I urge you to do the math. If you were the one working customer service instead of being trolled by corporations, you'd come out ahead.

Either way, you're a worthless sack of shit who isn't doing me any good. I have no criminal record, but there is nothing and certainly no law preventing me from starting the killings at any time.

This is why terrorism is so successful.

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