Sunday, December 4, 2011



One of those loaded words, instantly inciting emotional responses from all sides.

What is true anarchy?

Anarchy involves dynamic social groups that evolve and dissolve in real time to meet prudent needs. This is true anarchy. Teenagers ranting about "fuck the police" and "fuck mom and dad" is bullshit anarchy. If you're some cocksucking little titsucker, then not-so-kindly fuck off right now. Otherwise, keep reading.

Think about our society. There are authorities, laws, and police. There is also terrorism, murder, rape, and all other unimaginable forms of personal violation. Our archaic system of dealing with unwanted elements is inefficient at best. At worst, it enables those we wish to protect ourselves against.

In a society without government and policing, individuals would be empowered to protect themselves. With great responsibility comes great liability, and inevitably the weak would perish, as they should.

True anarchy involves self-rule and honesty. A society of anarchists would necessarily exist as a more perfect republic. Groups of individuals whom identify as kin support one another, and all transgressions would be handled naturally and punished accordingly.

The illusion of safety

All of the protections outlined to citizens in laws and traditions were created by the weak majority of fear-driven fucktards. They bear nor claim no real responsibility, and oppress the world with their ignorance and stupidity. Through the illusions they create, safety is abused as a comforting bribe. Well played, neanderthals... well played.

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